Next Level Tattoo, Strada Drumul Taberei nr.35, sector 6, Bucharest
Phone: +4 0775 313 263 Email: next_level_tattoo [at]


Minimum Color Tattoo: 160 ron

Minimum Black&Grey : 150 ron

Black&Grey Tattoo: 4 ron square cm

Color Tattoo : 4 ,5 ron square cm

Cover up Tattoo : 5 ron square cm 

Discount for very large tattoos! 

Tattoo prices are estimative, and may vary depending on the area they are performed on. 

Cosmetic Tattoo :
Eyebrows 700 ron , Lip Contour 500 ron , Full Lips: 700 ron


 The minimum price for a laser session is 80 euro( prices may vary depending on the size of the tattoo).

For Body-Piercing :

Ear Lobe, Nose– 80 de lei (doua gauri: 150 de lei)

Eyebrow, cartilaj, medusa, labret, monroe, etc- 90 de lei (doua gauri: 160 de lei)

Septum, gropite, buric, nipple – 100 de lei (doua gauri: 180 de lei)

Dermal- 200 de lei ( doua dermale: 350 de lei, 3 dermale: 500 de lei)

Genital- ♀ - 150 de lei; ♂- 200 de lei

Industrial-  100 de lei

Surface- 100 de lei



*Preturile includ bijuteriile de baza (din otel chirurgical sau titan)

*Pot varia in cazul in cazul bijuteriilor mai speciale 

Appointments will be made at the studio, and there is a fee of 50 ron as a guarantee for scheduling the date/hour of the appointment.
Phone +4 031 106 6088.

We accept credit card payments