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Next Level Tattoo, Strada Drumul Taberei nr.35, sector 6, Bucharest
Phone: +4 0775 313 263 Email: next_level_tattoo [at]
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Do you want to get a tattoo? Our artists are here to help you make up your mind regarding the best model to print it on your skin.

Body Piercing

We help you beautify your body, with the latest body piercings in the most popular body parts: ears, the nostrils, and the belly button.

Body Modification

Emilio Gonzalez is a Spanish-Venezuelan piercer and body modification artist who became a rezident artist in our studio. He can help you transform yourself.

Tattoo Supplies

If you are a tattoo artist and you need supplies, check out our new service

Tattoo School

Our founding father Costi Azoitei has worked hard to establish the first Tattoo School in Romania, find out about it soon on

Tattoo Wear

Get the latest fashion wear in the tattoo culture. Coming soon

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